The Sabah Art Gallery organizes annual exhibitions and events that promotes work by local and international artists. Annual Art Selection is conducted to encourage local talent and to increase the collection of the Gallery.

The Sabah Art Gallery Conservation Building is located in Kota Kinabalu and is first 'Green' building in Borneo, with distinctive design it's an attraction in itself.

  • W.O.W 1.0 or Wonders of Wilderness – The Ocean is a public art installation to create awareness through 3D art showcases of underwater scenery of Sabah.

  • The Malaysian association of Speech and Hearing (MASH) Sabah chapter together with the support of the audiology unit of Queen Elizabeth hospital ran a senior hearing loss carnival on the 11th of june at Sabah art gallery to provide free hearing screening for seniors above 50, early ENT consultation and also browse services provided by hearing care companies in Sabah.

  • (28 - 29 Mei & 4 - 5 Jun 2022) Picnic @ Kulung merupakan aktiviti sampingan yang diadakan di kawasan luar bangunan BSLS yang boleh dilakukan oleh pengunjung selain melawat pameran dalam galeri sempena bulan Kaamatan dan cuti sekolah.

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    KPTNS 2021

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