Ron Galimam Solo Exhibition

The Sabah Art Gallery proudly presents RON GALIMAM SOLO EXHIBITION. A two months exhibition special exhibition of 59 vibrant works from our local Sabahan artist, Ron Galimam.

Unlike the serene and gentle nature of Ron's personality, his paintings are strikingly colourful and vibrantly alive. Much of Ron's work show the everyday scenes of the Dongonggon Tamu, the Kinabatangan landscape and the Sipadan seascapes. What makes his work special is the sensitive and thoughtful moments captured in this collection of paintings. Ron's approach to his work is to immerse himself in the scenes that he captured. I believe he lived in a shop lot in Donggongon for a time and also in Kampung Bilit in order for him to see and experience first hand the scenes he was drawing. He also got to know the subjects he was drawing- their life and their struggles. This interest in human stories is reflected and very much felt in his final works.

Another important aspect of Ron's work is the historical documentation of a way of life that may disappear not long from now - the kampung folks selling their wares on the five foot way (kaki lima) or the beautiful wildlife in Kinabatangan. Therefore, I hope his paintings will remind us of the fleeting nature of life hence we must stop to reflect and enjoy them as often as we can.