Pameran Bakat-Bakat Baharu Ke-17, 2020

This is an annual show introducing fresh new works by new comers to the gallery with the objective of encouraging and promoting more young talents to be actively involved in the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in the state.

The exhibition is open to Sabahan artists or artists who are currently residing in Sabah.


  1. Annen Keith Tec Chuan (OKU)
  2. Denis Chan
  3. Diana Dieonaria @ Dion
  4. Dr. Dina Tukhvatullina R
  5. Elvydina Barnad
  6. Gabriel Chang
  7. Hazel Rae Zeno (10 yrs)
  8. Md. Harris Siganul
  9. Mohd Fauzi Jaini
  10. Noah Tovi Neoplean
  11. Nur Aznonne Bt. Kimus
  12. Nur Farishya Roslan
  13. Rachel LD Wong
  14. Sharon Yong Abdullah
  15. Thomas kong
  16. Wallace Liow Zhuo Bin
  17. Yan Ngu
  18. Yasutaka Ujihara